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Stimulyst empowers business leaders, freelancers, marketers & sales teams to drive consistent revenue growth through LinkedIn.

Most service-based businesses are relying on word of mouth and referrals for new business growth. While this is a huge testament to quality of work- it’s not scalable.  One can’t control nor predict where the next client is coming from when relying on word of mouth. Thus, we hear the stories of business leaders who can’t sleep at night- worried about cash flow problems or the fear of losing a major client. The feast or famine revenue rollercoaster is real.

Another challenge? Let’s admit it. The idea of making a “sale” is like a bad word for many expert practitioners. (Business development, anyone?) You’ve spent years mastering your expertise- but sales may not be your forte. You want to feel confident in sales conversations so you can consistently demand premium pricing. Or you’ve built a high-growth firm based off of your network and realize you need a proven process to train your new business development reps.

B2B Sales & Marketing have been disrupted by the digital economy. To be frank- what used to work, isn’t cutting it anymore. You’re seeing it and so are we. You need a modern approach that meets buyers where they want to be met because in this day and age, they’re in control.

Stimulyst has helped clients close millions of dollars in new businesss through our account-centric approach. It’s time to humanize sales and focus on authentic, value-based relationship building on LinkedIn.

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